Friday, August 29, 2014

Runway Wedding

This week's Project Runway challenge is to create an unconventional wedding dress and a corresponding reception look for the bride.  There were no crazy restrictions, just that it needed to be unconventional, yet still appropriate for a bride and not costume-y.  Here is what I came up with:

What we have here is a pretty cliche "unconventional" color scheme for a wedding, but I love it and that's why I went with it.  If I were actually on the show, I would pick different colors, because I can just see Nina and Zac telling me all about how they both went to weddings where the bride was wearing this dress.  I think in more surprising colors it would be harder to say that.  This is for me though, and if I ever make any of these looks, I would want it to be black and red (or "bred" as the sneakerheads say).

The wedding dress itself is a black strapless minidress with a see-through overlay with lots of volume.  I would probably need some kind of framing support around the hips to create the birdcage shape but still keep the peek-a-boo effect.  I like the idea of having a satin headband/wrap to kind of flip the traditional wedding garb upside down.  Traditionally, the bride wears a see-through veil over her head/face, and a satin dress.  I've flipped it here so that the satin is over the head/face, and the dress is the see-through part.

My corresponding reception look has a bodice very similar to the dress, but I added a halter neckline so she can dance without worrying about "wardrobe malfunctions!"  It's a pretty basic circle skirt design with lots of tulle volume underneath.  We're not talking cupcake dress here, just enough so that if she twirls, there's great movement in the skirt without showing anything that a newly married woman shouldn't show!

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