Monday, August 11, 2014

Project Runway time!

About halfway through season 12 of Project Runway I decided to start sketching out what I think I would do if I were a competitor on the show for each challenge.  When season 13 started, I was pretty excited to start at the beginning.  Eventually, the plan is to actually make the pieces I design during the week between episodes.  I don't think I'll be able to do that with this season, but maybe the next one!

Episode 1 involved each designer receiving a box of random fabric.  The challenge: make anything that  represents your aesthetic from this box.  I didn't feel like I could really do anything with that one unless I had someone go buy 12 yards of fabric for me.

Episode 2 was an unconventional materials challenge.  I tried sketching one of those last season, but sketches don't really show well for that challenge.   You really have to have materials to manipulate to try things.

Finally, episode 3 has a challenge I can sketch with!  Here's my process:  I watch the beginning of the episode until the designers get their challenge and are sent away to sketch.  I pause the show and do my own sketch.  Then I finish watching and reflect on my design.

The challenge this week was to take inspiration from the past, especially the first few issues of Marie Claire (1994) and create a look that might be featured in the pages of Marie Claire magazine in the year 2034 (20 years from now).

I took inspiration from the looks that keep coming back even though everyone was glad when they were gone.  Voila!  The sweatshirt and stirrup pants of the 2030's!

I went the next step from the long shirt and leggings that are in fashion now up to a form fitting one-sleeved shirt with an asymmetrical hemline and draped fabric strips.  My initial idea was strips and braids in at least 3 colors (green, black, and grey) to give some variety and texture.  As I took some time to reflect before finishing the episode, I decided that I would like some chain in different weights in the draping also.

I didn't sketch them in, but I would have given my model black pumps with an ankle cuff to match the black from the leggings.  I think I would use a soft leather for the leggings, but that would all depend on what I could find at Mood!

After finishing the episode, I think that I would have been safe, but not in the top.  That could all have come down to how well I translated my ideas into the finished product.  Maybe this will be my next project after my geometric-print circle skirt!

Note about this season of Project Runway so far: **Spoiler Alert** I don't really understand the judges.  I think I remember this happening at the beginning of last season too.  I haven't liked anything Sandhya has made, but she's won 2 out of 3 challenges!  

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