Friday, August 22, 2014

Red Carpet Runway

New episode of Project Runway = New fashion sketch from my favorite designer, me!

This week's challenge is to create a red carpet look for Heidi Klum.  Like the designers on the show, I took inspiration from her prior red carpet looks as well as my own aesthetic and current trends.  Here is my preliminary sketch (mirroring the 30 minutes the competitors have before they go fabric shopping):

Basically what I want to do is a form-fitting bodice down to a slim-look skirt that actually uses a bustle effect to still give fullness to the skirt as she walks. I found a black lace on Mood's website that I liked for the overlay.  It would be solid across the bodice, sleeves and back.  Then I would cut the lace and appliqué it down the back to create an ombre black to blue dress.

I like the idea of leaving the bottom half of the front of the dress blue with no appliqué… that was not a "time"-based decision.  I believe that is the best way to aid the slim-fit illusion while the rest of the dress does have that fullness.

I don't know if I could actually pull it off in one day, and I don't know if Heidi would like it, but I would totally wear it to the Emmy's!  What would I say when E! asks who I'm wearing? "Myself"? That seems a little awkward...

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  1. Cool! I like the idea of the lace overlay, and then the applique for the back. And when E! asks who you're wearing, you're right - you don't say "Myself." You say, "It's an original design of my own!" And own it, cuz you rock!