Friday, October 10, 2014

Project Rainway

So many episodes to catch up on!  I got to check out another Project Runway today.  This was an avant-garde challenge all about innovation.  Instead of a traditional runway for the models to walk, they went off-site to a runway covered in rain!  They had set up a sprinkler-like system over the runway so the models had to actually walk in the rain.  The designers were supposed to use waterproof materials since the looks would be getting wet.

I had to use two different pages in my notebook since I have layers that I want to show.

She's wearing a neoprene jumpsuit with thigh-high galoshes.  I want to have some movement in the balloon sleeves, so I don't really know what to use as a material for those.  The boots will probably be vinyl.  I hadn't decided yet if they would be black, white, or another shade of green.

This is her raincoat!  I would use clear vinyl and paint it pink.  This would give the streaky look and let you see in to the green jumpsuit.  There is an oversized hood that is actually detachable.  The scallops around the collarbone area conceal snaps.  By undoing the snaps, the long part of the coat comes off, leaving her with the hood and shoulder cover.  Note:  there are no arm holes in the coat!

I was inspired by the idea of the rain and this girl who loves to be out in it.  That led me to flowers and how they may not bloom in the rain, but they still love it.  So this look is loosely based on a closed up flower enjoying the rain, but waiting to open up when the sun comes out again.

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