Monday, July 14, 2014

Mother's Day in July!

I work in a restaurant where Mother's Day brunch is the busiest meal of the year.  In other words, NO ONE gets the day off.  After being close to tears the whole shift last year seeing mothers with their babies and feeling like I was missing out on an important part of motherhood, my amazing husband had a genius idea for this year: celebrate on your own day!

Why should we celebrate the bond between mother and child on the second Sunday in May?  Why not the second Monday in July?  Because that's when Hallmark tells us we should?  I recently learned from the Kansas City Star (though the sources through the whole article are not well-cited) that the woman who founded Mother's Day and lobbied for it to be a national holiday, Anna Jarvis, actually hated what Hallmark did to it.

Anna, I stand with you in your disdain for Hallmark and greeting card companies in general.  So in the spirit of celebrating your life the way you see fit, I got my Mother's Day today!

My daughter and me.  She turns 2 next month.

Today was all about me.  We took a leisurely morning around the house and then went out shopping!  My husband sponsored a wardrobe refresh that happened mostly at the Gap, but some at the Nike outlet store.  I got some new shoes (see pic below), jeans that actually fit, a bunch of cute tops to mix and match, and some chunky necklaces to start accessorizing!

Overall, I got to spend an great day with my amazing family!  Mother's Day doesn't get any better than that!  

For the record, I have nothing against the people who decide to celebrate their maternal relationships on the second Sunday in May.  I actually make a good amount of money from those people during the traditional Mother's Day brunch.  This year, because of my awesome husband, I got to enjoy watching family celebrations in May with no animosity towards my job because I knew that I wasn't actually missing out on anything.  

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  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate! You're a fantastic mom, no matter which day, and your hubby is full of awesomeness!